Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today's labs were fantastic. My son is always waiting for me to get home so he can see what we have done. He is great for my debriefing! We discuss all aspects of the day, unfortunately, I use that then instead of the blog!
The crystals today were great. I used to teach in a multi-age classroom and really loved it. I see so much value to cross curricular teaching. Our staff works very well together and would embrace this, but time constraints on us as far as planning goes holds us back. Several of these activities would fall into multi-disciplinary units. I will get together with some of those teachers next week and discuss how we can implement these together. (Particularly the science teacher.)
I also liked the math involved in the calorie activity with the cheetos and peeps. My kids would "eat" that up!! :) hahaha I will try that this year when we are working with unit rate.
These are great activities, however, about 2 o'clock, I really need to work on focusing. My attention is scattering at that time!

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