Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday's post

Today's lever activity was insightful. This activity again would lend itself to working with proportions and solving equations (formulas). The measurement aspect of this would be great. The students should already be able to measure in cm/mm, but it would be good review.

I like integrating as much of what I can into other aspects of the students' lives. When Paul had us balance the meter stick on our finger, it reminded me of the activity I do in my classroom that I can now talk about science with! I use that analogy to demonstrate that if you keep your eye on where you want to be....your goals....rather than the here and now....your finger and the end balancing on it....you are much more successful in life. Have your plan and work toward it....at any point when you take your eyes off of it, if even for a moment....the balance can be lost and you need to redirect.

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