Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday..........Shelly would use the morning's activities as a teacher directed activity with the students reading the temperature probe and touching the beaker. If opportunity arose, I would pair my students up with a high school student to complete activities using chemicals.
Darla could use the concepts of the exothermic/endothermic reations in physiology or biology. RElating the idea that food is energy is important for the students to understand. The idea of exo or endo is often difficult for the students to remember, pairing them with an elementary student to whom they would have to explain and really understand the concept would help with their retention of the material.

The kinetic and potential energy concepts are hit on very minimal in Darla's and Shelly's classes, though again the topic of energy is always relevant. Using some of these activites on our enrichment days will be beneficial.

Darla & Shelly

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