Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Interesting Lab on the Crystals. I would probably share this information with my Chemistry teacher, so he could use it. I loved the small interesting demos. Example, the transfer of energy using the ball by Darwin, and the oscillation waves. Thanks, also to Mr. Kastein for the demo on Center of Gravity. I want to make one of those toys as soon as I get home. The two types of glass rods in benzene showing light refraction and the suggestion to use a small beaker into a small beaker and then pour vegetable oil/mineral oil to see/not see the small beaker anymore was very good. Other refraction information was about diving in a swimming pool, driving on hot roads and glasses. The information about polarized light and Karo Syrup, I will also use. Discussion of Windshields was good. I will relate to the students the information as everyday Science.

I overheard another veteran science teacher relay to a new science teacher the demo on how to show the 2nd law of motion(F=ma) with a fishing weight on one end of a string versus no weight at the end of a string. Very Nice and thank you for sharing.

I enjoyed the unit of making different types of thermometers. Nice review of why we don't use water in thermometers. More interesting was the blurb about nitrogen tires and nitrogen air in those tires in cold temperatures because the nitrogen molecules are large and not permeable in that type of tire. (New information to me) And everyday science for my students.

The calorimeter exercise needs to be modified to be safer at the elementary level. Open fires and Kids do not match. Personally, I do not let my sophomores do anything with propane bunsen burners. I use hot plates. This is a teacher demo and I probably would not let the students do this. Sorry.

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