Thursday, July 16, 2009


I apologize for not posting regular this week. I have enjoyed meeting everyone and our activities. My favorite activity was the crystals lab we participated in yesterday. There are kits that you can buy at Hobby Lobby and catalogs that have crystals you can grow on rocks in the classroom. I thought this crystal lab could be used for many different activities and enjoyed listening to everyones suggestions.
As I watch and participate in the labs, I reflect on how these labs could be used in the resource room. I would like to teach an overview of material first, before the material is learned in the general education setting. After the students have a bit of knowledge about the subject matter, teach them a lab to present to the general education students about the upcoming subject matter (such as plate tectonics, or mixing solution for the crystals). After the lab the students would continue to participate in the inclusion classroom but would have knowledge of the subject matter already. I believe in presenting and teaching or repeating classroom instruction if at all possible.
I realize that some students would be reluctant to do this lab teaching but I think this could be successful with a good co-teaching relationship with the science teacher.
I also think that the special education teacher could prepare and teach certain labs and material but this information is probably for another class and also depends on the teachers and relationships involved.

As I read through some of the information on Niclola Tesla, I remembered a video I had at Woodfield. If I remember correctly, the video was called, 'Tesla, Master of Lightning'. The video wasn't the most interesting video for at risk students but if I showed this video again, I could pull bits and pieces from it. Nikola Tesla designed the Tesla Coil. This coil is an extremely high voltage transformer. The reason that the Tesla Coil is unique is because it creates powerful electrical fields.

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  1. Hi, Angie, and fellow coursemates...

    I have had technical problems the past two days; I sign in at short course two...then when I post, it goes to shortcourseone! Monday, my post went to theshortcoursetwo???!!!
    So I thought I would fool my account by posting as a comment at Angie's Thrusday post.

    Thanks, Angie! :)
    Ex/En dothermic, Explosions,Wind Energy, Tesla!

    Today...Competition motivates many...we tried and tried and tried at our table to overcome our windmill problems til we were successful!

    I enjoyed the simply succinct exothermic/endothermic lab, enhanced by the equations, balancing, and discussion and THEN, the cherry-on-top Tesla-sparked cork flight. We have one of those somewhere; I will find it next week and plan for spring physical science.

    Hands -on reinforces so well for most... thanks to all for your interactions, enthusiastic sharing of your ideas and vivid illustrations of concepts!

    Darwin, we all enjoyed your blog videos, too :)

    Thanks for your links!, Angie.

    Thanks to our Master Teacher and Instructors for your hard work!
    Respectfully and Sincerely!
    ps-I enjoyed watching Dr.Koppang with his power tool, his Tesla resonant transformer circuit! retrospect that reminded me of Al on Tool Time! Thanks for all your planning!