Thursday, July 16, 2009

It was a good day today. I really enjoyed watching all the explosions this morning. I feel confident that I could do one of these now that you showed us how. The endothermic/exothermic labs were good and my special ed kids could actually feel the differences in the beakers so that would work with them. They wouldn't know the chemical equations but I could try and explain the way the heat moves so they could understand. I liked the way the heat was termed either downhill or uphill, that was understandable.
This afternoon when we built the wind generators, it was good to make it a contest. We really tried to win, and learned a lot from the other teams. I think kids try harder when something is made into a competition. All of the lessons we learned today would have to be toned down for my special ed kids but they are certainly worth trying. I will also pass on several ideas to our physical science teacher . I am still enjoying doing all the demos and experiments. Hands on is always good.

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