Monday, July 13, 2009

The activities today were lots of fun. I enjoyed them greatly. I have previously done the egg drop with fire, but I love this demo so much more. Getting the egg to come out with acid/base reaction is so good. In the past I have done this by myself...but I think I will let the students do this procedure in groups. I think they will learn so much more if I discuss after the observation. I introduce this demo when we start talking about breathing in the Respiration System. I can't wait to do this in the future. I'm excited.

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  1. Today's activities were a refreshing reminder to me that students do best in a constructivist-based classroom. As I reflect on today's lab activities, I can easily align them to these sixth grade standards:
    6.N.2.1.: Students are able to pose questions that can be explored through scientific investigations
    6.S.1.1.: Students are able to describe how science and technology have helped society to solve problems (i.e. using probe to chart data)
    6.P.1.2.: Students are able to classify matter based on physical and chemical properties (i.e. chemical reactions)