Monday, July 13, 2009

Reaction to Monday's Activities

Today's lab was interesting. I don't remember using the egg drop technique in high school, however, I do remember my teacher using a bell jar with a rubber glove or something on the wide end and simulating a lung/diaphragm relationship with a balloon. It must be the best way if it's still around. I think it is great that the kids will be able to build their own using a few inexpensive items. Younger kids will have a good time making them and the older kids can reinforce the pressure concepts as well as use math to chart differences as we saw on the lab quests. There are numerous concepts/standards that are addressed for both levels I'm sure. It was another good day!

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  1. Today was a good day, especially the afternoon session. Doing hands-on is a great way to interact with students--no matter what there age. :) I am not sure that I will use all the labs we used today--but I do know that the thought process that we used as we brainstormed will help me as I go through looking at different labs to incorporate into my teaching. I can defintitely see where many of the science standards for high school will be met. Of course, the scientific method standard(s) was definitely touched. We also fulfilled--I hate to use that word--because I don't think one time using it fulfills it--the standard for science and technology by using the labquest.