Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 1- Darwin (I copied this from word and clicked edit Html and it pasted in fine.)

First of all, I thought the day went extremely well. I have never actually done the egg drop before. I just gave directions and instructions to my wife. She did the other method for a science methods class at Anderson University. I am too chicken to blow air in the glass bottle to force the egg out. But my wife will do everything I tell her, NOT. Ha! This activity works get with the gas laws in chemistry as proven and will also work great in Physics when we talk about air pressure. Being a burn victim I have had to wear a Jobst suit, a pressure suit used to help keep down scar tissue from growing up to an inch thick on the body. They also helped with veracious veins. These suits were designed to put at least 28 pounds per square inch on my body. This is just a little higher than atmospheric pressure. It took an hour to put one on from neck to toe. Acid base reactions in chemistry and physical science are definitely covered territory. Balancing reactions and solubility versus insolubility could also be addressed. The pop bottle lung and the vacuum bell jar are both excellent for covering the gas laws and vapor pressure versus atmospheric pressure. I do the bell jar experiment already at the high school level. I have a portable hand pump that works great. At a previous school, which I won’t name, Baltic. I had tire pump I was able to reverse the leather cups or seals on and got it to work as a vacuum pump. This is not possible with all tire pumps. These activities will be able to address many of the high school standards and many of the elementary and middle school ones as well. I also know they meet many of Florida’s state and Pearson’s National standards. Many of the standards for scientific process or methods are met at both levels. Safety standards for the egg drop in the areas of boiling water, disposing of broken glass, acid handling and safety wear are also incorporated here. Eggs could be boiled ahead of time for lower elementary, depending of comfort level and classroom climate. The three lab activities could definitely be handled by the high school taken into any of the levels below. I will probably ask for guidelines from the lower staff of when they cover their topics during the year and try to match up as best we can. If all else fails I know my wife would love to have us.

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