Thursday, July 16, 2009


Each day has been filled with good information that we can use in our classrooms this year, and today was no exception. Angie's demo my Jr.High students will love! I liked John's also and thought it was great that the balloon not only got smaller but then expanded when it warmed up again. I was glad it didn't break, for my kids this would be a good thing. The endo- and exothermic reactions was great and I can use that for the PS students. The exploding things I may have to hold off on. Yes, I agree they need to know how dangerous some of the normal, household substances can be, but on the other hand, given the tendencies of my students, I'm not comfortable adding to that part of their knowledge. It would really have to depend on the class. The wind energy is something I am very interested in. We had a problem with our cork today, so I might try this with some floral foam. That should be light weight enough but still be strong enough to hold the blades.

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